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Living abroadRelocate Tenerife is about giving you the facts about relocating from the UK to the island of Tenerife. The information on this site and in our book, is based on our own experience. We'll show you the truth about what the island has to offer and what to expect when you get there. The good and the bad!


The world's economic downturn has badly affected Tenerife and it's hardly surprising when you see how much the Island depends on tourism. For some though, this is the time and land of opportunity, and if you have what it takes you could do very well indeed by making the move!


For further reading we recommend our ebook "Relocate Tenerife - The Right Choice?". The book is packed full of useful info and is essential reading for anyone about to relocate.


Based on our own experience of relocating to Tenerife and starting a business, we highlight some of the mistakes we made and pass on some of the lessons we learned. Should you decide to buy the book, and still have questions, please let us know and we will do our best to help!


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Relocate Tenerife - The Right Choice?. More Info

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