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Working In Tenerife


This is a short introduction to working in Tenerife. Full article in the ebook.


Finding suitable employment can be a challenge and leave you feeling deflated and disillusioned by the whole concept of living and working in Tenerife. If you lower your expectations, you stand a better chance of getting employment and making a success of your life.


Another challenge facing new arrivals is their commitment to staying. Statistics show that around 50% of people, who relocate to another country, usually return to their home country within the first 6 months. So your determination to stay in Tenerife needs to shine through at an interview.


There is very little point in applying for jobs or sending in your CV’s while you are still in the UK.  Employers receive a large amount of CV’s from people who say they are relocating and then don’t.  So wait until you arrive before applying, if you want to be taken seriously.


Getting out and about networking, is a great way of finding out which employers have job vacancies. Keep focused and don’t become complacent. You may have a healthy bank balance when you arrive in Tenerife, but it will soon dwindle away on living expenses and nights out if you don’t find employment. The local British press which is free to pick-up from most shops, bars and other outlets have the latest job vacancies.


Bar work, waiter / waitress and PR work are amongst the most popular first time jobs. The pay may not meet your living expenses, but it will go some way to stopping your savings from dwindling fast if you budget well. British estate agents in Tenerife attract a high percentage of UK clients, so staff are generally British. Sales and telemarketing jobs are quite often available and generally don’t require you to speak any other language as your target market is likely to be in the UK.


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